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Things Have Changed

She's the star of this scene
Yeah, she's living the dream
And she's always taking chances
She won't turn down a dare
She won't give up the fight
She'll stand up for what's right

You know, things have changed
She's not the small girl you used to tease
She stands out in the crowd, tall and proud
And won't give a damn what you say

Can you remember that day?
When you left her standing in the rain
Then, there's the night of the prom
Yeah, you kept her waiting all night long
Now, do you wish that you swept her away?

Now she's out in the scene
With her name up in lights
You see her in his arms
Boy, I know you want to tear her away
You wanna make her yours

Tell me, darling, you regret saying "yes"
To that backstabbing bitch
Cause now you're stuck in a ditch
I've got some news for you:
"FYI, that girl's me"

Yeah, things have changed
I'm not the small girl you used to tease
I stand out in the crowd
I'm standing tall and proud
I don't give a damn what you say

Yeah, things have changed
No, I'm not the small girl you used to tease
I'll stand out in the crowd
I'll stand tall and proud
Won't give a damn what you say

Now, baby, don't feel bad
You may have said, "I love you"
But you know it takes more than that
No, I won't take this for granted
Cause now, I know you mean what you say
And boy, now you've got me thinking
That maybe I've been wrong for all these years