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You flirt with me
Saying that our love is real
Talking trash behind my back
Look me in the eye
And all I see is...

Another backstabber
Another heartbreaker
Just another two-timer

Don't think I can't see
Cause you know I do
Not letting this go on
Cause all you are is...

Another backstabber
Another heartbreaker
Just another two-timer

My friends, they say
That you just don't care
Yeah, I wish I had listened
And believed what they said
Cause now this pain won't go away
Thinking, "Why'd I even say yes?"
I just wanna kick your ass

Cause that's what you deserve
You're just another backstabber
Another heartbreaker, two-timer

Now give it up
You know you'll never win this game
You know how it goes, and you know what they say
[SPOKEN: Cheaters never win
And winners never cheat
Come on, just call it quits]

And we all know you're...
Another backstabber
Another heartbreaker
You're just another two-timer

And I see you in the hall
You're still flirting with her
Does she know everything about who you are?
[SPOKEN: I doubt it]
She thinks that you're a god
But we all know that she's full of false hope
[SPOKEN: Too bad, so sad - boy, am I glad we're done]

You look me in the eyes
Yeah, I'm still breathing
You thought I wouldn't survive
But, hey, my heart's still beating