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If you're an American, you've most likely seen at least a few episodes of Glee. You either love it or hate it. However, if you've only seen a few episodes of one season - make sure to watch at least a few episodes of the other seasons as well. This series is not something that you can judge from just a few episodes of one season.

Most people you ask will say that the first season was pretty much flawless. I tend to disagree with that statement. I couldn't really stand most of season one. It was more like the Rachel Berry Show and that just didn't settle well with me. This season was just really annoying in my opinion, but it did have it's moments. The episodes I'd like to note, specifically, are "Laryngitis" and "Madonna". If you're wondering why, then go watch them before coming back. Nobody can go wrong with a Madonna tribute, and if you do screw it up - get out of showbiz! "Laryngitis" is a different story. It was Rachel-centric, but it doesn't focus on her being the female lead of New Directions. It focuses more on her realization that there's more important things in life than being able to carry a note; it was really her shining moment. In regards to character development, there was no blood relative of Kurt that really disapproved of him despite his being gay - this was extremely unrealistic, in my opinion.

Let's talk season two, now. Most people thought this season was garbage. I beg to differ. This was the only season I would willingly re-watch over and over again. There was not a single moment of this season that I didn't enjoy. Sure, I wanted to throttle Dustin Goolsby the second I saw him, but he wasn't in it quite so much. Fortunately, we only saw him when he recruited Sunshine Corazon. This season was focused mostly on Kurt, but I could actually overlook him most of the time. His scenes with Blaine were almost too - repetitive? It was nice to give Kurt a boyfriend that actually has some manliness, but don't overdo it...please. What I particularly love about season two is that Quinn actually gets her just desserts. The one secret that she never wanted to get out, came out. It might have worked out in her favor, for the most part, getting her a small vote of sympathy from the more overweight girls - but she still lost the title of prom a boy, at that. As for the competitions, since the series is really about their preparations for them. I enjoyed all of them. The sectionals episode was nice because Rachel actually didn't sing lead. Instead, it was opened with a duet from newcomer Sam and his girlfriend, Quinn. The solo for the episode went to Santana who did an amazing rendition of Valerie. Regionals was won with original songs from New Directions. The group lost at Nationals, but they went out with a bang - and Rachel did get the guy in the end.

I couldn't talk much about my favorite male Sam in season two, but, for season three, I can talk quite a bit about Santana.

Season three was Santana's season. She got the storylines, although the other characters did have their moments. Brittany and Santana's relationship finally gets "defined" - but the joy from that gets crushed pretty fast when Sue's Congressional competitor puts out a scathing ad about Santana's lesbianism, letting the whole town know. However, Santana gets back up on her feet and tells everyone that she doesn't give a shit if they don't like the fact she loves another woman. The "Kurt is gay" plotline failed to show any relatives being against him - which is highly unrealistic. Santana's storyline gave us the dose of reality that we desperately needed. It's just too unlikely for all your family members to accept that you're attracted to people of the same gender; there's always at least one person in a family that won't be understanding and will criticize someone for loving a person of the same sex. And, although I wanted to rip her head of, Santana's grandmother provided that.

Other things I liked about season three. Rachel actually choked during her all-too-important NYADA audition, but, in true Rachel Berry fashion, managed to convince NYADA to give her another chance and made it in. It was disappointing that she once again got what she wanted. Kurt nailed his audition, but he was the one rejected - does anyone else see what's wrong with that? Oh well, the writers made up for that when they broke off the Finchel engagement so Finn could join the army while Rachel is at NYADA. I'm sorta hoping that Finchel doesn't meet up was almost too unrealistic for them to get married right out of high school. Yes, they were together all of senior year - but I still can't see it working out. If the season two "fling" with Quinn hadn't occurred, then I could imagine it - three years is more than enough time for them to actually fall in love. I believe that Rachel truly loves Finn, but I don't believe it's reciprocal. If he can stay faithful during Rachel's NYADA years because I have no doubt that she'll be staying away from guys while in NYADA - then I'll be a true blue Finchel supporter.

I should shut up about Finchel. Klaine experienced several hardships throughout the season. First, there was Kurt's jealousy of Blaine's friendship with Sebastian - I felt like they might actually break up. Then there was the whole "Chandler" issue. I stand by Blaine on that one. Kurt was practically cheating on Blaine with Chandler; I felt that was more of a threat to Klaine's happiness than the whole Sebastian deal. Blaine never showed romantic interest in Sebastian, but Kurt acted pretty lovey-dovey with Chandler...even if it was through text messages. I actually wanted Blaine to break up with him...but, of course, that didn't happen. Well, like I said, Kurt didn't get into NYADA - so it looks like Blaine won't have to worry about losing him just yet since Chandler is most likely entering NYU.

Samcedes! I'm still not too fond of them, but it gives me an excuse to talk about Sam. They had a few kissing scenes and two pretty good duets during this season ("Summer Nights" and "Human Nature"). Vocally, they're almost a match made in heaven...although I do think that Sam sounds a bit better with Quinn. Their version of "Stereo Hearts" with Quinn and Joe Hart was pretty cool too, although not nearly as good.

RATING: 3/5 - It has it's moments of greatness, but several episodes fall short and are pretty hard to stomach. (The author of this review could barely stomach season four and every subsequent season - rating will hold. Music gets a 5 out of 5!).