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Miracle Girls

NOTE: This was the first manga I've ever completed and it's been years. I will not re-read the entire thing just for review purposes. I read it when I was around 8 or 9 years old, so, at the time, I was part of the target audience. Re-reading it now would make the review a bit inaccurate.


It had a somewhat unique storyline. You won't find psychic twins in just any manga. The two girls try to keep everyone from discovering their secret, but end up revealing it to not only their crushes - but someone who has been trying to expose psychics for years. Then there's a small arc where one of the twins basically has to "rescue" her boyfriend because someone put him into some kind of trance and was forcing him to marry her, even though he was already dating someone...but I won't get into that, it's one of the more "mature" parts of the manga.


The artwork was decent. It wasn't nearly as good as the story. This is one case where we would have been better off with a different illustrator. I suppose it fit it's time, but one wouldn't really enjoy the artwork now.


I was always a bit partial to Mika while reading the series - mostly because my grade school years weren't very kind to me during the short amount of time that I had short hair. At that age, I usually preferred characters that were what I wanted to be. I wanted long hair, so I sort of "latched onto" Mika. Toni was a close second, but at the time I felt that being a tomboy was somewhat wrong. Jackson (don't know the Jap. name) was third, but he was the only male character that I truly liked.


I remember enjoying this series a lot when I was younger. It's definitely a good read - not really for the older crowd, though. If you're older than 11, I'd try to find something else.