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Yo-Jin-Bo (Commercial)


The player takes on the role of Sayori; while on an archaeological dig with her school, she finds a mysterious pendant that once belonged to Hatsuhime - the princess of the Mochizuki clan who is destined to die a tragic death. The pendant causes Sayori to see Hatsuhime's last moments, and suddenly wake ip in her body in order to save her from her tragic destiny. This would be impossible if not for a group of wandering samurai.

Essentially, you are Sayori in Hatsuhime's body. Your job is to save Hatsuhime from a tragic death. If you make the right choices, you might end up with a pretty awesome boyfriend after saving Hatsuhime - or Hatsuhime will be alive, and you're left alone. If you make the wrong choices, then Hatsuhime is a goner - and it's game over.


Like most otome games, gameplay is very simple. Your choices influence which of the 12 endings that you get - there is one good ending and one bad ending for each route. However, they make it known that your choices are important. You have a limit to how much time you take to make each of your decisions - if you take more than a few seconds, then who knows what could happen?

Two-Five embedded several modern-day pop culture reference throughout the entire game. If one can tolerate the breaking of the fourth wall, then it's pretty hilarious - especially since they constantly remind you that everything is all a game, and they consistently mention how the player could end up with one of them.


The artwork is beautiful in my opinion - similar to what I'd expect from a game being released during the current decade, rather than the last one. The gamemakers clearly put a lot of time and effort into each character design. The CG event artwork is quite amazing as well, except for some of Monzan Kadokura's stuff (in my opinion).


You've got a somewhat sadistic, or masochistic, megane with a fetish for belts (LOL!) in Ittosai. You've got a red-headed idiot, who might be more dense than Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, that you can't help but love in Jin. Yo's is your typical shota type, I suppose, who is quite talented with both swords and knives - despite his annoyance, he's too adorable to hate no matter how much you might want to. Bo (Tainojo's nickname) is your standard pretty boy who actually isn't a jackass - he's pretty androgynous, and, if you really look at him, he might look more like a woman than a man at some times (when he isn't fighting). Monzan (or Mon-Mon during gameplay) is some boring monk who might appeal to some of the older women playing this game - but people less than 20 might still focus on the four previously mentioned guys. Like Monzan, Muneshige might be able to appeal to some younger women, but he'll mostly be for the older crowd - however, there are some girls that like mature, older boys, and that's who will be vying after Muneshige.


Jinnosuke Murasame
Good Ending: The group of samurai return to the castle to meet up with Sayori and Jin who are nowhere to be found. The real Hatsuhime, who was saved by them, reassures them that Jin is alright. Jin ended up going to Sayori's time after the watchtower exploded. For a while, it seems like Sayori ended up alone - and then one day, she just suddenly finds Jin while walking down the street. They quickly recognize each other, and the last scene is of the two lovers kissing just before the credits roll.
Bad Ending: After Jin is rewarded, Sayori returns to her time period when she falls asleep. Jin has already left the castle at this time, so he is unknowing of it all. Sayori is in her room alone, wishing she could go back.

Yozaburo Shiranui
Good Ending: The two lovers end up alright after "flying" from the top of the watchtower as it exploded. Sayori tells Yo who she really is, and that she's not the real Hatsuhime. He easily believes her enough, so she decides to tell the rest of the samurai when they return to the castle. They don't believe her, at first, until they hear Hatsuhime's voice coming through the pendant. The pendant glows to indicate that Sayori will soon be going home, but Mon-Mon touches it before Sayori does - and he ends up in Sayori's body, while the real Hatsuhime inhabits Mon-Mon's body. Sayori, still in Hatsuhime's body, is scheduled to marry the heir of another clan, but, instead, she runs off to be with Yo.
Bad Ending: Sayori has saved Hatsuhime but is quickly sent back to her time shortly after returning to the castle. Yo left the castle on his own, quickly realizing that the Hatsuhime that's with him is not the same one that he had fallen in love with. Hatsuhime agrees to marry the fiancÚ that had been arranged for her.

Tainojo Tsubaki
Good Ending: They kiss at a party. She is returned to her time, and Bo returns to his home village. When he goes to visit his family, he is surprised to see a young girl standing there. Despite not having actually seen her before, he recognizes her as Sayori since she had told him beforehand that she looked very different Hatsuhime. The two live happily ever after, and Bo is quite enthusiastic about her traveling to his time when she originated from the future.
Bad Ending: They kiss at a party, but shortly afterwards she is taken back to her time - never to be heard from again. Hatsuhime has seemingly fallen in love with him, herself, but the feelings are not mutual. Bo already knows that it was Sayori that he fell in love with.

Ittosai Tatsunami
Good Ending: (I personally see this as the true ending.) Sayori and Ittosai confess to one another just before Ittosai saves the two of them from a burning watchtower. At a party, she tells the rest of the samurai the good news about the two of them becoming lovers - which sends a few of them into hysterics. Country music lovers will absolutely love the reference to Billy Ray Cyrus from Muneshige - even if he is referencing a break-up song. The real Hatsuhime talks to Sayori through the pendant and lets her know that she changed things with the clan so that Sayori would be able to stay with Ittosai - since there's no way that the two of them could truly be together, otherwise. There is a lot of kissing in this ending, suggesting that the two of them are truly in love (part of the reason I see this as the true ending). Sayori makes references to her time about seeing Ittosai's sword in a museum, which leads her to think that she was meant to be with Ittosai all along despite the time gap.
Bad Ending: Sayori and Ittosai have realized that they have fallen in love and have confessed to each other. Sayori has also told him the truth about who she really is. Whether or not she is truly Hatsuhime does not really bother him. He fell in love with her, not the real Hatsuhime. However, shortly after their confessions, the pendant starts to glow and Sayori has to return to her time. She begs Ittosai to call out her name, and that's what he does - until she disappears completely, and Hatsuhime is all that's left.


The Muneshige and Monzan routes have yet to be played.