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Miracle Train

Although I listed it as Miracle Train, the full name of this anime is Miracle Train: Welcome to the Oedo Line.


Miracle Train is the story of six train, well, it would be more accurate to say that the story revolves around their physical (read: human) manifestations - Saki Tocho, Shinjuki Rintaro, Roppongi Fumi, Tsukishima Izayoi, Shiodome Iku, and Ryogoku Itsumi. Essentially, their purpose in "life" is to help troubled ladies solve their problems. It's an over-used concept, but the train station idea is something I have yet to see in any other anime.


The art is very nice. I was expecting a bit worse, but, then again, Aniplex has helped with the production of some pretty awesome-looking anime in the past. However, considering the not-so-decent art of Skip Beat, one can't really blame me for not having high hopes. I'm happy to be wrong this time, though. The art was one of the better aspecits of this anime.


Music - The background music throughout the episodes is quite nice, but, I'll be honest. The OP and ED tracks are where the musical aspects of this anime truly shine. KENN sings the OP track, "Montage", and he did an amazing job with it. It's a catchy tune, and I wish I could understand the lyrics if only so I could sing along and not look completely clueless. Kita Shuhei did a great job with the ED track, "Stories", as well. Then again, he's not one to disappoint when it comes to theme songs. I have not yet heard a track from him that I didn't like.

Voice - The seiyuus were all quite talented. I was definitely pleased by KENN, who voiced Roppongi. Okiayu Ryotaro did a fantastic job with Shinjuku as well, but that wasn't very surprising; he sounds nothing like he did when he voiced Tezuka Kunimitsu in Prince of Tennis. I was also somewhat surprised to see Morita Masakazu as Ryogoku's seiyuu; I watched only the first few episodes of Bleach so I didn't recognize the seiyiuu at all - but, like Okiayu, they sounded very different. I didn't recognize any other seiyuus, but they all did a very good job. The anime doesn't have a very high rating, so I didn't expect to recognize any names. However, that should have nothing to do with it.


The characters were, well, bland...for the most part, at least. Roppongi Fumi was the only one to maintain my interest throughout the whole thing. The other characters did have some shining moments, but, in all honesty, I feel like the only character that had any real development was Roppongi. Even though he's a "station" like all of the others, it always feels like there's something more to him - but that might be because he IS Roppongi, which is the deepest of the Tokyo subway stations. Therefore, it makes sense that they'd have a deeper backstory for him. There's even a little twist that revolves around his character and the so-called "guide" but I won't get more into that. Let's just say it has a little to do with the intro of the first few episodes and leave it at that.

Like I said...other than Roppongi, the other characters don't have much substance to them. Ryogoku is obsessed with historical things, which isn't surprising since his area is home to the Edo Tokyo museum. Tsukishima is a little obsessed with monja, which makes sense since there's a whole street for monja in the real Tsukishima. Tocho is way too serious which is very representative of how most people only go to his area for government-related aspects. Shinjuku is the "ladies man" but that can be brought back to the fact that Shinjuku is one of the more popular areas.


I enjoyed this anime...the first few episodes were somewhat dry, but things definitely pick up in the second half.


9/10 - I mentioned that the characters were quite bland and that the story was a bit over-used. However, I also said that things picked up in the second half of the anime and that's where you'll find what made me give this anime such a high score. The anime is clearly geared towards girls with the massive amounts of bishounen, so I guarantee you won't find a lot of action here.