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The Show Must Go On

Everyday, it's the same routine - the same scene played over and over again
Waking up at 6, getting ready, walking to school, get there and the mask goes on
The one you think you know when you've never spoken a word

Not of hatred, not of friendship, not of indifference - not even a look exchanged
Only seeing the façade, a show to please the fates
Behind it, a girl you may never meet

Her heart shattered by the bullet piercing through the glass
Seeking comfort in loneliness, yet wanting to break free
She's looking for something, anything to get her out of the slump
Wanting, needing to climb out of the ditch she had knowingly dug
Wishing to break down the walls she once sought to build so high

A secret she shall never tell, keeping others in the dark
Putting hurt aside, and keeping up appearances
This is life, at least until the darkness comes
Like at the end of every scene
After all, the show must go on