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Sengoku High

Summary: Sae is a normal student at Sengoku High - well, as normal as someone can be when their best friends are nicknamed the Samurai Prince (Echizen Ryoma) and Ice Princess (Tachibana Yuniko). This story focuses on the growth of three childhood friends through their experiences in high school. Watch Ryoma change from a tennis-sexual brat to a somewhat normal teenager who falls in love with the last person he'd expect to fall for. Join Yuniko as she tries to forgive all those who have supposedly wronged her and become the outgoing teenage girl she was always meant to become. Most importantly, we see Sae grow into her own skin and find her true self as she helps her best friends go through the ups and downs of high school.

Informational Pages

Character Information - OCs and characters incorporated from other fandoms.
Romaji to English - Translations and meanings of Japanese terms that have been used in this story.

Story Links

Ch. 1 - Memories
Ch. 2 - First Day
Ch. 3 - The Ranking Matches
Ch. 4 - Plans
Ch. 5 - Evaluation Tests
Ch. 6 - The Feared Inui Juice
Ch. 7 - The New Couple
Ch. 8 - Cheating?!
Ch. 9 - The Preliminaries