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Fanfiction Policy

While fanfiction is typically a violation, the most that you'll get is a cease & desist letter or email from the copyright holder. However, if you try to profit from it, you will get an actual lawsuit against you. We will never publish any fanfiction connected to these authors/publishers/series:
  • Anne Rice
  • Archie comics
  • Dennis L. McKiernan
  • Irene Radford
  • J.R. Ward
  • Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
  • P.N. Elrod
  • Raymond Feist
  • Robin Hobb
  • Robin McKinley
  • Terry Goodkind
If you write on FanFiction.Net, you should recognize this list - because it's exactly the same. It will also be updated whenever FFN updates theirs. In other words, if it's allowed there - I'd post it here. (This includes the fact that I will not post explicit ("MA") fanfiction on here; I can't write it well anyway.)