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Helpful Tips & Tricks

This page is updated whenever I see fit.

Tip 1. Update frequently

Regardless of what type of site you own, it's important that you update frequently. If it's a blog or design site, you can be a bit more lenient - but a fansite requires regular updating, unless it's for a lesser-known celebrity (chances are that you might be one of the only sites, smaller chance of losing visitors). If you do take a long time, apologize for it with a big update.

Tip 2. KISS

Keep it simple, stupid.

A lot of sites these days are so flashy that they make people's eyes burn. Make designs simple so that the content is the main focus. There shouldn't be blank space anywhere, but don't crowd your designs with brushes and effects. Simple coloring effects are enough.

Tip 3. Check your email regularly

This is a must. You won't believe how many update opportunities I've missed out on because I didn't check my email regularly. Fansite owners, especially, should do this. Why? Because there's a small chance somebody will contact you about your celebrity. When I owned a Joe Jonas fansite, I was asked to sell tickets for the 3D movie through Fandango. I was contacted about auctioning Lindt GOLD BUNNY signed by Carly Rae Jepsen through my Carly fansite (although, I did miss that one).

Tip 4. Check your comments

You never know when a spammer might take over.

Tip 5. Google is your best friend!

If you're having coding issues, you should be aware that google is your best friend in the whole wide world. Yes, it's true that almost all website hosts will provide technical support. However, most of them will ask what you have already tried. This implies that they expect you to have tried to fix it yourself. If your host is "new user-friendly", then you might be able to get away with not doing anything without help but there's a reason that coding help forums exist...