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Choosing a Fansite Topic

One of the first steps to making a fansite is choosing a fansite topic. This article explains how one should go about choosing a fansite topic when they decide to actually make an attempt at creating a fansite.

Step 1: List your favorite celebrities

The most important step in choosing a fansite topic is to make sure that the celebrity you choose to create a fansite of is someone you love and admire. You cannot be a dedicated webmaster just because you chose to make a fansite for the most popular celebrity at that time. If you're not passionate about the topic you choose, the visitors will be able to see it. Asking people who they want to see a fansite for is not what you should be doing in the beginning of the topic selection process.

That's why the first step to choosing a fansite topic is to make a list of your favorite celebrities. Now, there are criteria for this part, so read carefully:
  1. Do I like this person simply because of appearance? If yes, don't bother with it. If no, then there's still a chance you could make a good fansite.
  2. How long has this person been in the business? This question is not so important, but it is sort of crucial. If they've been around a long time, then they might already have several dedicated fansites and it'll be hard to get noticed by the fans.
  3. How long have I been a fan? The longer, the better. Let's say you decide to make a fansite when your fifteen, the person you want to make a site for has been around for about five years - if you've been a fan of that person for more than half of their career, you are definitely a big enough fan to make a good fansite for them.
  4. Why do I admire them? This question is a bit ambiguous, so interpret it however you want. Just make sure that your reasoning isn't appearance-related unless your making a style site.

Step 2: Narrowing down your selection

You've now got a list of about ten celebrities that you equally love and admire. Now, unless you've got all the time in the world - I highly doubt you'll be able to run ten fansites for ten different people. Therefore, you'll definitely want to narrow it down to about two or three people. This shouldn't take as long as the first step.

Questions you may ask yourself: Who have I been a fan of longer? Who would I be more likely to spend money on? How much do I already know about this person?

Step 3: Final selection

You've narrowed down your list and now it's time to decide which person you'll be creating a fansite for. If, at this point, you cannot decide on just one person - ask your friends for help. Ask people who they'd rather visit a fansite for. Create a poll on a forum asking people who they'd want to see a fansite for, make sure it's a blind poll because if they can see the results - they might choose a different option from what they really want, especially if the original choice is winning.

Don't choose based on poll results alone. Make sure to do some research about how busy all of your chosen celebrities are. Why should you do this? Busier celebrities means more updates. Celebrities that aren't doing so much will give you some time off of working on your fansite. Make the decision based on how much time you'll have to actually work on your fansite. Do not take time out of work or studying, take it out of your free time.